Think, Act and Live Green


The Environmental Group at Palomar college is looking for a new Co-President, as Ed Solis has stepped down to focus on other things and to allow new leadership to come into our group.

We began in the Spring of 2008 with Board members Alex Mendoza, Ed Solis and myself working with our group members towards green ideals. Because our group was comprised of Board Members, each members' different strengths, ideas, and goals were brought to the table, as was each and every one of our members strengths, goals and ideas.

Intro/About Our Group

The Environmental Student Organization of Palomar College is interested in all things green and sustainable. We are a group of individuals from a variety of backgrounds with different interests.

I am interested in the education and advancement of green technologies, products, and processes.

The group is currently comprised of three Board Members who communicate with each other and other group members to schedule meetings, post agendas, post updates and schedule events. We work with our group members to launch projects of their design, to educate them, ourselves and others interested in sustainability and eco-efficiency, and to network with other individuals interested in these things. We are the group that is geared for the busy student with meetings once monthly and communications mostly through email and our website. The process of educating, participating and explicating ourselves and others in green technology, sustainability and eco-efficiency is an exciting adventure that I am glad to be a part of.

What I am Working On

In a continual effort to index and compile the extensive reading I have done about everything green for your use I have added a page to our site (with info to be organized by date for now) which you can view here
Click on - or copy & paste it into your browser's address bar if that doesn't work.

This website is in progress to be added to by you and by me, and will be improved upon and redesigned as time goes on and as it's content grows.

This info is for ESO group members and the general public. This is a part of my Think and Act Green Initiative, which is part of my larger plan to Think, Act and Live Green.

Think Green, Act Green, and Live Green

The thinking Green begins with reading, researching, compiling and indexing the wealth of pertinent green information on the web, in books, and everywhere. This is Phase I of my plan which I am currently implementing.

This begins with me, with you, with our group members and with anyone who wants to learn more about sustainability, eco-effiecntcy, alternative energy etc.

Thinking Green, Acting Green and Living Green is a process that we are all a part of as we work towards and believe we can live a more healthy and positive life— sustainably —with benefits seen during our lives and the lives of future generations.

As you sit at your computer reading this email, as you read the information on our web pages, as you add the Environmental information you have read about to our websites, or if you just want to know more about our world, you are are thinking green.

As you attend our events, the events of our partners, or our once-monthly meetings, as you buy that organic product or florescent light bulb, as you host your own event or complete your own Environmental project, or as you just join our mailing list, you are acting green.

As you live or work in a US Green Building Council or Green Globes Initiative Evaluated building, as you use Cradle to Cradle Products, as you choose renewable energy sources over coal, as you vote for the politician who encourages these practices, as you strive to incorporate what you have learned into what you do in your daily life—you are living green.

In Conclusion

I have a general goal of Thinking, Acting and Living Green and in the process, helping others to achieve their goals (whatever that may be) in the most sustainable, healthy (for us and for our planet), and eco-efficient way feasible. I plan to do this as I progress towards my academic and professional goals. I look forward to the journey. Thank you for your time.

May we all be healthy, wealthy, wise and green alive!


Kimberly b. Herman

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