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-Ed Solis, Co-Founder

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Dear Prospective Member,
Thank you for your interest in the Environmental Student Organization of Palomar College, located in San Marcos, California . Contact us HERE to get on our mailing list and find out more about us.
Whether your interest in the environment is just beginning, whether you are looking to get out there and learn and do more, whether you are a longtime outdoor enthusiast; your ideas and input are welcome here!

Currently our group is focused on:

  • Movie Night: March 18th at Palomar College in room p-32. We will be showing Food Inc.,it is a must see documentary by Robert Kenner that talks about the food industry and what is really going on.
  • Energy Expo that is happening April 21st at Palomar College, where we will have representatives from Fuel Cell, Solar and Wind companies inform us about renewable energy.
  • Hosting Earth Day April 22nd at Palomar College.
  • Updating our Website and Recruiting new members

We have ideas and projects in the development process in addition to those listed above and welcome your comments, questions and attributes to our team.

We began this group as a way to help our community, our members and other students, and the environment through our events and projects. We hope you find that we are what you are looking for—a coalition of people committed to Environmental information, awareness, and action. We want your input in achieving Environmental and professional excellence, so join us and lets begin!


Founding Members

Ed Solis
Kimberly b. Herman
Alex Mendoza


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Information From Our Campus Explorations Presentation

Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch

“Be Good Not Less Bad”

First Cradle to Cradle Design Process

Strategy of Hope and Change

Why Societies Collapse

Photos from Our October Volunteer Event
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Prospective and Current Members


Please refer to our Updates, Events, and Google Group Discussion Page for information about what we are up to and what we have done thus far.

Also if you are visiting our site for the first time, don't forget to send an email to us at moc.liamg|ramoalPfoOSE#moc.liamg|ramoalPfoOSE with subject:Join to keep up to date with our events and for our once-monthly meeting reminders or join our mailing list by visiting our Google site HERE and creating a free google account to join our mailing list which is fast and easy. It is the best way to stay up-to-date with our activities.

Or as always you can contact us HERE


ESO Staff

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