Old Agendas and Minutes

Agenda for March 8th, 2010

Old Business

  • Mission to be Clean and Green
  • Surfriders meeting

New Business

  • Discuss the Green Business Expo, 17th March… Looking for new sponsors.
  • Discuss Green Job fair at CSUSM/Collaboration with CSUSM ECO Club 13th April
  • Energy Expo April 21st discuss possible locations
  • Earth Day looking for sponsors
  • Crude movie decide on date, The Cove
  • Arbor Day April 30 April possible plant a tree and do a beach cleanup
  • Recycling on campus
  • Electronic drive
  • Planning for the Hot Springs Hike during Spring Break, 22 March to 28.
  • Guest Speaker: Fabio Marchi

Agenda for April 11, 2008


Fusion Reactor Trip


  • Arboretum Beautification Day- April 12 Saturday, 9 AM - 5 PM
  • Walmart FREE Reusable Shopping Bags- April 19 Saturday, 8 AM
  • Balboa Park Earth Day- April 20 Sunday, 9 AM - 5 PM
  • Palomar College Earth Day- April 22 Tuesday, 10 AM - 2 PM
  • 6th Annual Creek to Bay Cleanup- April 26 Saturday, 9 AM - 12 PM
    • Location TBD: Escondido?


  • Cold Stone Steve Austin (GRRR!!!)
  • Rubio's

Minutes for March 14, 2008

Instructions: Please add/edit information for each item to help with the minutes. Thanks!

I. Welcome
A. Founding Members introductions
1. Kimberly
-Think Green, Act Green, Live Green

2. Ed
-The Concept of making making the ESO accessible by everyone, and to be able to help with projects and still be able to do other things
a. Website being a wiki so everyone will be able to contribute ideas and info
b. Projects being ready and easy to go in, help out, then get out just as quickly to move on with their lives

B. New/Prospective members introductions
Interested in Water

Interested in Architecture

Major: Nursing

Major: Medical

II. Recycling program on campus
A. What are we doing currently
1. Red & Grey Bins- for glass, metals, and plastic bottles
2. Recyclemania- Headed by Palomar College ASG
B. Can we improve upon it
1. Need to come up with ideas to make eating utensils more environmentally-friendly
C. Is recycling actually efficient?

III. Truths and Myths about the Environment
-Addressing people who believe that the Environmental awareness is a conspiracy
-How to inform others of the ecological challenges we are facing and inspire them to change (lead by example)
-The benefits of Green living

IV. Fund raising
-What up front costs do we have

V. Other ideas/Open forum
-Composting in the cafeteria
-The Telescope (Palomar Newspaper) advertisement/announcement of our clubs creation
-Green building cite on campus
-Go Green Initiative
-Carpooling website/schedules
-Sprinter promotion
-Solar cooking/heating

VI. Contact info for members
A. Wrote on the board our website, email addresses, and phone numbers.

VII. Meeting Adjourned


ESO Agenda 3-14-08.pdf

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